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today was interesting.....
was ment to go to the cinema but didnt.... what is it about goin out of ur way to make others happy that makes u feel so god damn good? alex is cool! the whole ticket thing was brilliant!! then i met up with tom. went to his, where will came. then megan had a big 'my friends r all GAY (sorry karen)' moment. she is on her way home atm. so she joined us at toms. she managed to get tom and will pissed... lol. then she left for kris'. bad move. she was left sad in the kitchen. then i left toms  and him and will were guna walk me home. we met ragnauth (dont like him much atm), chris, mackenzie, and tom green. then they compensated gettin stoned instead of walkin me. so i left. will, tom and chris followed. but managed to talk about bein stoned all the way home. this made me sad. but then i tried to fix things for megan, that didnt work. but she is coming home. so i hope she will be ok.

*i wish my words were enough to help u fight temptation*

i really need a hug from helen today. i think she would understand how i am feeling right now if i told her.

*u called me up last night in tears, said u missed me after all these years*

i missed hanna alot today..... for no reason at all. except that she is amazing

its so cool, my natural sagetterian optomisum is slowly comin back i think. and i am happy

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