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last night was so fun. being bounced on the trampoline with karen was fun. as was the appearance of chelsie. even if it was very quick. and the removing of callums trousers. and then gareth taking his own off. i saw a bit to much of him i think.....

then this morning i came home. and took my ferrets in my room. then dad came and told me they had been in here all night. i was confused coz i put them away before i left. then he explained that last night they escaped from their cadge. but instead of running away they came into my room (front door was open all night) and slept under my bed. they arnt silly. they know they have it too good here to run away. hehe. i was happy they didnt run away. otherwise i would be sad right now.

nicoles tonight. i shall not be drinking to much.... she says now




did tom pass his driving test?................................................... i didnt mean it when i said i hoped he fails

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