No sex please.... im a busted fan (bustedgroupie) wrote,
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yay for hanna!! i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. homer simpson smells like panda sex

party was good. i feel very sick now. i think i may have misplaced the lining of my stomach... lol. dont remember much, but the bits i do was good. woke up still drunk this morning. im just glad i didnt have livejournal.... i was bein sick lol. i hate myself a bit for what i did, but its happened so im gettin over it. just please dont call me a hypocrite, coz that hurts.

haha.i find things so funny sometimes. sorry but i just have to laugh.

i now feel sick. its weird tho coz its kinda a nervous kinda sick. maybe coz i did somethin bad and its guna haunt me? i also had nikkita phone me to check i was ok lol. bless! and all my muscles hurt! what did i doooooo?

not approving to much of two certain people right now.

well.... think i may sleep now. or shower or something

o and i also now know all the words to fightstar! coz im that sad

im not in your house
and im not in your head
and your not even listening
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