No sex please.... im a busted fan (bustedgroupie) wrote,
No sex please.... im a busted fan

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the next 24 hours and a bit are goin to be great! hell yes

i have about an hour and 15 mins to waste. so i am watching finding nemo. going to see sponge bob tonight! yay! but i really want to see the magic round-a-bout. it looks funny! there is a dancing cow

last niught my cat walked over my lap top and managed to pull out two of the keys and now i cannot fix them! my cat is ghay!!

im so excited! i woke up at 7 this morning!! but that was also gay coz it mean time goes sloooooooooooow
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best part of the day!
The morning? pffft noooooo the evening dude.

Who has parties in the morning for example? Unless the party GOES ON till morning...